Here is what some of our patients are saying...

General Office testimonial

"When we moved to Mendon 10 years ago we wanted to find a family practice that had doctors that truly cared about our health and had a staff that was professional and flexible. We found all of this and so much more in the Honeoye Valley Family Practice.

Moving to Mendon and choosing Honeoye Valley Family Practice was a fantastic decision for our family."

Dr. Jules Zysman testimonial

"When we moved to this area, I was lucky enough to find Honeoye Valley Family Practice and Dr. Jules Zysman. I was always impressed by his medical knowledge as well as his professionalism, but mostly because I felt I was not just a patient. His persuasive manner along with his encouragement has convinced me to take more of an interest in a healthy lifestyle. He has never been too busy to answer any of my questions or concerns. He once came into the office on a Saturday night so that I would not have to go to the emergency room. There are two men in my life that I absolutely trust-my husband and Dr. Jules Zysman."

Dr. Alicia Zysman Cromwell testimonial

"I cannot say enough about Dr. Cromwell and how well she cares for the family. She consistently has gone well above and beyond her duties as a Practitioner for myself, and two young children. Dr. Cromwell has been a source of stability and calm during emergent situations, providing medical guidance, rational suggestions and emotional support. She never fails to provide ample time for all of our appointment, skillfully and simultaneously providing care for each member of my family, while considering the needs of our larger family unit. Dr. Cromwell’s detailed follow-up during exams gives me confidence that she is skilled in all areas of Family Medicine."

Dr. Sheryl Ehrmentraut testimonial

"I am pleased to be able to write a few words about Dr. Ehrmentraut and what she has meant to my family over the past years. We have had many experiences where her loving care has been invaluable. From the routine care has come extraordinary care. From the minute I asked her to be our family doctor, she has always helped us feel cared about and listened to. Dr. Ehrmentraut has been one of those physicians that makes you feel like she has nothing else to do but listen and respond to your medical concerns. She took great care of our son, now 19, and guided him through the concerns of childhood and adolescence. My wife had mitral valve issues and Dr. Ehrmentraut guided her through many years before heart surgery was needed in 2010. While wrapping up a routine physical for myself, I drop on her that I’ve been having a minor pain in my chest when exerting over the past several months. She jumped into action, did an EKG, didn’t like what she saw, and insisted I see a cardiologist the next day. She called me the next morning, and I was in the cardiologist office, the end result was quintuple heart by-pass surgery. We are all very grateful for the compassionate and competent care that she provides us. Thank you so much!"

Dr. Gaylinn Greenwood testimonial

"We began our relationship with HVFP by taking our children, now 46 and 50, for appointments for pre-school checkups with Dr. Ness. We moved in the mid 80’s, but when we returned to this area eight years ago, we were thankful to be able to return to the practice, which we hold in high regard. The staff has always been responsive to us, whether we had simple questions or requests for appointment. Both medical and office staff is professional and knowledgeable and return calls in a timely manner. When Dr. Ness retired, we despaired of finding a doctor as kind. Dr. Greenwood is just as kind, exemplary, and medically up to date, a physician you would want. We really appreciate having one doctor for both of us. As we traverse these “golden years”, we find her to be an unhurried listener to our physical and emotional woes, with a wonderful source of medical and nutritional guidance. She has counseled us on changes, only to read the same medical advice in the newspaper several months later. She has walked with us through serious medical issues with a bedside manner that has been both professional and empathetic. In addition, she literally saved the life of a good friend, badgering her to get a mammogram until she finally did so. We thank God for her firm stand, tempered with real concern for her patients."

Dr. Mariesa Howe testimonial

"I have been seeing Dr. Mariesa Howe for, I would guess, about ten years. My previous doctor, who retired at that time, was great and I was sorry to see her go. I didn’t think anyone could replace her, but I was wrong. Dr. Howe has been kind, patient and thorough. Over the years I have seen her for several issues, some of which she handled, and some she referred me elsewhere. Most recently, and most seriously, I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, and she and her staff have been very sympathetic and caring. Through all of this, Dr. Howe has taken time to listen to my complaints with compassion, has explained things clearly, and I have completely trusted her solutions. I have complete faith in Dr. Howe, and know that she is on top of things that even I have not always remembered."

Dr. Joseph Picca testimonial

"With a growing family, it was very important to us to find a doctor who was knowledgeable, caring and friendly. Dr Picca is all of the above! He always makes you feel like his most important patient. We love how he takes the time to answer our questions, reassure us about our concerns, and never leaves us feeling like a number. Dr. Picca has a gift for conducting himself in a professional manner while remaining, at the same time, very personable. We have six children now and he’s been there for all of us. We couldn’t be happier with our decision!"

Dr. Lisa Gambino testimonial

"Dr. Gambino has all the qualities I’ve ever looked for in a Primary Care Physician. Her compassion and genuine care she has for me makes me feel important and that my health and well-being are just as important to her as well. At my appointments, I always leave with great satisfaction knowing my care is in her hands. I’m so grateful for the time she spends discussing my health."

Dr. Jennifer Frese testimonial

"I have been a patient of Dr. Frese since August 2013, after seeing her after major surgery. After just the first few minutes with her, we were convinced that we wanted her for our Primary Care Physician. Since then, Dr Frese has seen me through other surgeries, each time making sure that I was prepared for what was coming. Dr. Frese is a caring, concerned and competent doctor, who is willing to take the extra time to make sure I was ready, that my medication was correct, and that I was healthy in mind, body and spirit to handle the surgery. When I have an appointment with Dr. Frese, I know that I am in the hands of a compassionate and competent doctor-a friend, one that truly cares about what I am facing, medically, emotionally, and physically. I recommend her highly as a physician and am so grateful that she is part of the Honeoye Valley Family Practice group. At 70+ years of age, I have met with numerous doctors and specialists. Dr. Frese is at the top-the best of them all."

Margaret Bank NP testimonial

"Maggie has been wonderful to me for many years. I have always felt that Maggie takes the time with me, hears my words, and always follows through with phone calls, whether it is herself personally calling back, or one of her secretaries, I know I can count on a call back from the office. Maggie is very caring, and even though I have had appointments with other Doctors, I feel most comfortable with Maggie, and sincerely appreciate her care."

Alexandra Schneider NP testimonial

"I would like to take this opportunity to praise Alexa for her dedication and heartfelt care that she gives every day. I have been seeing Alexa Schneider for several years and her ability to express how much she cares is incredible. Her listening abilities are second to none. Alexa has been very diligent in following my health care. My health is her most important concern and her ability to express this to me creates a trust that cannot be touched. Her compassion is incredible and truly appreciated. I can go months without seeing her and she will remember every detail of our past appointments. Her ability to take care of me as a patient is outstanding, but what I find more important is that she treats me more like a friend than just her patient. I have literally walked into the office and Alexa will be standing at the counter doing her work, and walk over and hug me to greet me. I thank Honeoye Valley Family Practice for having Alexa to be my caregiver. I am so thankful to have her there when I need her."

Sue Cannon testimonial

"I have been a patient of Honeoye Valley Family Practice for many years. I was diagnosed with diabetes II in the year 2002, and was on oral medication until 2010. Dr. Howe had me meet with Sue Cannon, who is a specialist on diabetes. They convinced me to go on insulin, and at that time my A1C was 8.2. Sue advised me on insulin, diet, physical activity and to monitor my sugars. My A1C is now 6.2 thanks to Sue. (THANK YOU SUE!!!)."

Nurse testimonial

"The nurses at HVFP are out of this world. Bonnie, Karen, Tina, Lois, Marsha and the rest of the ladies have been indispensable when it comes to giving advice over the phone, and getting us in to see the doctor when someone needs to be seen. They are friendly and helpful, and they have certainly gotten this Mom through many minor illnesses, bumps and bruises that I was able to handle at home. The doctors are also very professional, personable, and helpful."