Welcome to Honeoye Valley Family Practice

Let our family take care of your family.

Although the village of Honeoye Falls has only 2,500 residents, we have 25,000 annual visits at Honeoye Valley Family Practice. People drive from 3 counties to be patients at our practice. Why? Because people know that high quality primary medical care makes people feel better and live longer. At HVFP, we try to blend the best of high tech medicine with the comfort and concern of a personal family doctor.

HVFP Facilities

Our motto is, “Let our family take care of your family.” When you call our office, you do not get a voice message, but a concerned secretary who will make sure that your needs are met, whether it be a same day appointment, a renewal of medication, or if you just want to speak to a nurse, nurse practitioner or doctor for advice.

Our goal is for HVFP to be your medical home, a place that you can trust and depend on for your medical care.

Our Practice has received an award for excellent patient satisfaction from MVP. We have been awarded a Medicare Grant for patient improvement. In addition, our practice has also earned NCQA certification for excellent Diabetes Care. Our Practice has both a Diabetes Nurse Educator and a Care Manager.

Feel free to contact our office with any questions you might have about our practice or services. You can call 585-624-2121, or you can email us.

What is a Patient Centered Medical Home?

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) defines a medical home not simply as a place but as a model of the organization of primary care that delivers the core functions of primary health care.

These Core Functions or Attributes are:

  • Comprehensive Care
  • Patient Centered
  • Coordinated Care
  • Accessible Services
  • Quality and Safety

What does it mean for you, our patients?

More of the same great care you have come to expect from us, such as Same-day appointments for acute illness, coordination of care with specialists and the delivery of high quality preventive and chronic care services.

New features include the addition of our new Care Manager for helping to coordinate complex cases and continuous quality improvement projects using evidence based guidelines.

How is this different than how healthcare has been delivered?

At Honeoye Valley Family Practice, we have already been on a pathway to being your medical home for years. The Patient Centered Medical Home designation is a way of formalizing our desire to team up with our patients to make sure healthcare is being delivered in the best possible way.

Is this happening because of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare)?

No. The movement to adapt the Patient Centered Medical Home model has been present in primary care for years and the formal definition was adopted by the American Academy of Family Physicians in 2007. The Medical Home is one of the many transformations in the U.S. healthcare system meant to improve the quality and cost of healthcare delivery.

We are proud of our ability to grow, adapt and deliver high quality care to our patients as individuals and to the community in general. If you have any questions about our initiative to be designated a Patient Centered Medical Home, please discuss this with your Provider.