HFVP has a long history of delivering babies, in fact, fifty years ago; babies were delivered in this building which was then a proprietary hospital. Since 1980, over 2000 babies have been delivered by doctors at Honeoye Valley Family Practice.

We are proud to say that the tradition of obstetrics continues with Dr. Alicia Zysman Cromwell and Dr. Jennifer Frese. With support of Karen Holden, our perinatal nurse, we provide personalized care to our patients.

Pregnancy can be exciting, joyful and at times anxious and overwhelming. Our mission is through supportive relationships to help women and their partners have a positive and empowering pregnancy experience. We believe that every woman and family is unique in their needs. We deliver at Highland Hospital.

During your pregnancy you will be followed by Dr. Frese and Dr. Cromwell for all your prenatal appointments. We are on call for emergency concerns and deliveries 24/7. Karen is an amazing resource of knowledge and support during your pregnancy as well, especially for any concerns that may come up between appointments.

We are happy to care for the obstetrical needs of any HVFP patient and enjoy seeing the children we deliver grow up in our office.

What our patients are saying...

"As Dr. Cromwell’s OB patient for my second birth, I was able to compare the differences in care that are provided by an individual family practitioner versus a large OB office. The ability to know Dr. Cromwell as my primary doctor and OB provider gave me confidence in planning my birth. Her approach to obstetrics is modern, evidenced based and woman-centered, while maintaining the personal feel of a small practice. Thanks to Dr. Cromwell, I had the confidence to have a powerful, extraordinary birth."