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Serving the Honeoye Falls area for over 30 years.

The brick building at 23 Ontario Street in Honeoye Falls has been a medical facility for over 80 years. It was originally a private proprietary hospital, which were common in the first half of the 20th century.

The facility had several hospital rooms, an operating room, and x-ray facilities.

Honeoye Falls

Dr. Hinman ran the hospital until 1935, and Dr. Neils Madsen practiced until 1965. They delivered babies, surgically repaired fractured bones and did surgeries like appendectomies.

The blood bank was “on the hoof,” as the local telephone operator would call in local citizens who were donors whenever blood was needed for a surgery.

One senior citizen recalled her obstetrical experience. “It was wonderful. Dr. Madsen delivered me upstairs. Mrs. Madsen made the best lemon pies. And I stayed for 15 days!”

After Dr. Madsen’s retirement in 1965, Honeoye Falls had several years with either no doctor or a doctor who left after a short while.

In 1974, Dr. David Ness, certified in the new specialty of Family Practice, revived the medical practice. In 1980, his wife, Dr. Mary Kay Ness, and another married couple, Dr’s Jules Zysman, and Nadette Jacob joined the newly named Honeoye Valley Family Practice. Nurse Practitioner Maggie Bank joined the practice in 1985 and Dr. Sheryl Ehrmentraut in 1994.

About HVFP

The practice, which serves patients of all ages, including obstetrics has delivered over 2,000 children.

In 2002, Honeoye Valley Family Practice became one of the first medical practices in the Rochester area to have fully electronic medical records.

In 2007, Drs. David and Mary Kay Ness retired from active practice. They are involved in volunteer migrant health in upstate New York, and they do medical missionary work in western Mexico. Dr. Nadette Jacob retired from the practice in 2013 to help raise her grandchildren. Replacing the Nesses are Drs. Mariesa Howe, Gaylinn Greenwood, and Joseph Picca. Dr. Gambino joined the practice in 2008, Dr. Zysman Cromwell in 2010, and Dr. Jennifer Frese in 2013.